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Exercise Can Slow Onset of Alzheimer’s Memory Loss

Exercise Can Slow Onset of Alzheimer's Memory Loss | Alzheimeric.comKeeping active can slow down the progression of memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s disease, a study has shown. A team of researchers from The University of Nottingham has identified a stress hormone produced during moderate exercise that may protect the brain from memory changes related to the disease.
The work, funded by Research into Ageing (Age UK) and the University and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, may also explain why people who are susceptible to stress are at more risk of developing the disease. Source: Exercise can slow onset of Alzheimer’s memory loss, study reports

Brain Pacemaker for Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain Pacemaker for Alzheimer's Disease | Alzheimeric.comLast October, 57-year-old Kathy Sanford underwent groundbreaking surgery to have a pacemaker implanted in her brain to help with the effects of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.
To see how well it’s working, Sanford is given tests in which she’s asked to highlight certain shapes. Her father Joe Jester says the first time she took the test she was barely able to identify any. Jester says, ” Then they turned the machine on, and she got 30. So, it was a dramatic improvement right there. We knew right then we were on to something.” Source: Brain Pacemaker for Alzheimer’s Disease |

Daily Brisk Walking Can Avert Alzheimer’s: Study

A brisk walk a day switches on a brain process that can protect against Alzheimer’s, according to a new study. A stress hormone produced during moderate exercise protects the brain from memory changes linked to the disease, found the study by the University of Nottingham. The findings could also explain why people vulnerable to stress are at more risk of developing dementia, researchers believe.

Study Shows Stem Cells May Prevent And Cure Alzheimer’s

In the first study of its kind, researchers at Korea’s leading university and the RNL Bio Stem Cell Technology Institute announced this week the results of a study that suggests an astounding possibility: adult stem cells may not only have a positive effect on those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, they can prevent the disease. Using fat-derived adult stem cells from humans [scientific term: adMSCs, or human, adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells], researchers were able to cause Alzheimer’s disease brains in animal models to regenerate. The researchers, for the first time in history, used stem cells to identify the mechanism that is key to treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and demonstrated how to achieve efficacy as well as prevention of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s with adult stem cells, a “holy grail” of biomedical scientists for decades.

Alzheimer’s Progression Slower After 80

Alzheimer's Progression Slower After 80 | Alzheimeric.comAlzheimer’s disease (AD) hits hardest among the “younger elderly” ‘people in their 60s and 70s’ who show faster rates of brain tissue loss and cognitive decline as compared to patients 80 years and older, a new study has revealed.

The greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is advancing age. By age 85, the likelihood of developing the dreaded neurological disorder is roughly 50 per cent.