What a Wonderful World with Dementia – Video

What a Wonderful World with Dementia  - Video | #AlzheimericThe majority of us in this video have dementia including Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia.We all attend Reflections in Cornwall for day care and activities including Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. We have made this short film to show that we are just normal people and we all thoroughly enjoyed the making of this film. If this film makes you smile please would you donate a little of your money to the Lewy Body Society which is the chosen charity of Dementia Awareness Day, Sept 15th 2012.

Artificial Butter Flavouring Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

Artificial Butter Flavouring Linked To Alzheimer's Disease Risk | Alzheimeric.comA buttery food flavouring ingredient found in microwave popcorn could intensify the damaging effects of abnormal brain proteins linked to Alzheimer’s, a recent study has suggested.

Diacetyl (DA), an artificial food flavouring that gives popcorn and margarine its distinctive butter taste, encourages beta-amyloid proteins in the brain to ‘clump’ together, according to findings published in the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal.

AstraZeneca Seeks Alzheimer’s Answer

Dr. Lanny Edelsohn of Christiana Care Neurology Specialists | Alzheimeric.com

Ask anyone who’s lost anyone they have loved to Alzheimer’s disease.

They will tell you unequivocally the illness that unforgivingly erases the minds of its sufferers, leaves behind unforgettable, heartbreaking memories with loved ones.

With Alzheimer’s disease, the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., there is no cure, no prevention – and no doubt the 18 million sufferers worldwide, will double by 2025, according to the World Health Organization.