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Oily Fish ‘Can Cut Alzheimer’s Risk’

Oily Fish 'Can Cut Alzheimer's Risk' | Alzheimeric.comOily Fish 'Can Cut Alzheimer's Risk' | Alzheimeric.comA diet high in omega-3, found in fish and some oils, can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 60 per cent, a study has claimed.

Even eating oily fish once a week can cut the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by a third, while eating fruit and vegetables every day reduces the chances of getting dementia in old age by almost 30 per cent.

Alzheimer’s ‘early signs timeline developed’

Scientists have assembled a “timeline” of the unseen progress of Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear.

A team at Washington University School of Medicine looked at families with a genetic risk of the disease.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, they say signs appeared up to 25 years before the expected onset of the disease.