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Alzheimer’s Drug Could Stop The Disease Early

Alzheimer's Drug Could Stop The Disease Early | Alzheimeric.comBritish researchers are developing a drug which they hope could stop Alzheimer’s before it seriously affects a person’s mental abilities.
In early trials conducted on mice they found the compound reduced by a third the number of ‘plaques’ on the brain, which are associated with the disease. Source: Alzheimer’s drug could stop the disease early, say researchers – Telegraph

Artificial Butter Flavouring Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

Artificial Butter Flavouring Linked To Alzheimer's Disease Risk | Alzheimeric.comA buttery food flavouring ingredient found in microwave popcorn could intensify the damaging effects of abnormal brain proteins linked to Alzheimer’s, a recent study has suggested.

Diacetyl (DA), an artificial food flavouring that gives popcorn and margarine its distinctive butter taste, encourages beta-amyloid proteins in the brain to ‘clump’ together, according to findings published in the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal.