Rose – an Alzheimer’s Warrior Till the End

Rose - an Alzheimer’s Warrior Till the End | Alzheimeric.comI believe there are two times in life when it is never more apparent we are guided by a higher power: birth and death.

I felt this potent force through the miracle of birth when I brought my daughter, Jazlyn, into the world 18 years ago. And I sensed that same ethereal presence when my beloved mother, Rose Beebe, peacefully left the material plane on Sept. 8 after a courageous battle with Alzheimer’s.

Despite her dementia-ravaged brain, Mom had been consciously preparing for the conclusion of our “long goodbye” for weeks. I had profound talks with her and she seemed to be reviewing her life, making resolutions and seeking deep meaning in the happenings of her 89 years. Mom told me she was ready to die and asked how long it would take.

Her hospice chaplain, Allison Rizk, spent time talking with her and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. She believes Mom was sorting through the important people and places in her life and “preparing for the end with the mysterious and ever beautiful guidance of God.”

Rose, an Alzheimer’s warrior till the end

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