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Rose – an Alzheimer’s Warrior Till the End

Rose - an Alzheimer’s Warrior Till the End | Alzheimeric.comI believe there are two times in life when it is never more apparent we are guided by a higher power: birth and death.

I felt this potent force through the miracle of birth when I brought my daughter, Jazlyn, into the world 18 years ago. And I sensed that same ethereal presence when my beloved mother, Rose Beebe, peacefully left the material plane on Sept. 8 after a courageous battle with Alzheimer’s.

Documentary Explores Music’s Effect on Alzheimer’s Patients – Video

Music can be a powerful influence. Just think about how hard it is to get a catchy tune out of your mind. But researchers say music can also be used to unlock memories, especially for Alzheimer’s patients. Alzheimer’s experts are using the power of music to bring back memories that some thought were lost forever.

Music can transport you to a different time and place. Many Alzheimer’s and dementia patients at Silverado Senior Living in Azusa can’t remember their loved ones or what they did this morning, but in a music class they experienced a breakthrough.

Love Remembered Despite Alzheimer’s

Love Remembered Despite Alzheimer's | #alzheimericPeople with Alzheimer’s can remember and experience strong emotions related to a past event even if they can’t remember the facts surrounding the occasion. Here’s a true story that illustrates that fact.

I had a beautiful, relaxed drive to visit Ed, my beloved Romanian soul mate of 30 years, at the nursing home one lazy Sunday afternoon. I wandered into his room and found he was in the bathroom, so I sat in the rocker and waited. My eyes were drawn, as was often the case, to his stuffed animal collection, which had grown quite large. He loved stuffed animals.